Uruguayans Can Now Grow Their Own Marijuana

Uruguay legalized the sale and cultivation of marijuana last year.

Uruguay legalized the sale and cultivation of marijuana last year.

Uruguay keeps taking measures to become the country at the forefront of marijuana legalization, but it’s progressive stance may be short-lived. On Wednesday, the government started allowing residents who want to grow their own marijuana at home to register to do so. Of course, in limited amounts.

In May, a law went into effect that grants citizens or legal residents who are at least 18 the right to grow marijuana for personal use if they register with the government. However, home growers are limited to six female plants and a yield of roughly four pounds per year.

According to the Associated Press, there hasn’t been a mad dash for registrations and interviewed cannabis activist Juan Vaz, who said home growers are leery of trusting the government. Even though Uruguay is the first nation on Earth that legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana, the country has been slow to roll out its pot industry.

For instance, the law allows people to form growers and users clubs and the sale by pharmacies of 40 grams of pot a month to registered users. Yet no club has started operations and only four have started the application process, the AP reports. Furthermore, President Jose Mujica has said the sale through pharmacies will be postponed until next year.

What little progress has been made could be undone by the upcoming presidential and legislative elections too. The AP said major opposition candidates have signaled that they intend to repeal all or part of the law if they gain the presidency or a majority in the parliament.

Although, Luis Lacalle Pou, the lead opposition candidate, favors keeping the option allowing people to grow marijuana for personal use. He would only do away with the pharmacies.