As Stoners Celebrate 4/20, Cops Ease Up On Cannabis Arrests

The few, the proud, and the stoned celebrate 4/20.

The few, the proud, and the stoned celebrate 4/20.

As stoners from around the world descended on Colorado to celebrate the unofficial marijuana holiday, 4/20, cops are acting totally chill. At the annual 4/20 Rally at Civic Center Park on Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of tokers gathered for one of the biggest public smoke sessions of the year.

The Denver Police Department did its best not to be buzzkills, according to the Denver Westword, which reports no one was arrested for smoking cheeba in public, which remains against the law in Colorado, one of several states that legalized marijuana for recreational use. Last year, Denver cops arrested 22 people on marijuana-related charges at the 4/20 Rally.

Although they did issue 30 more pot citations than last year’s 130 tickets.

Pot enthusiasts in London’s Hyde Park weren’t as lucky. Police arrested 53 people as pro-pot enthusiasts lit up at the park in call for legalization.

According to The London Evening Standard, “thousands were seen sitting on the grass openly smoking marijuana, comparing the size of their joints and listening to speakers while dozens of police officers hovered nearby.”

Police took 16 of the 53 people arrested into custody. The remaining 21 were released with a summons to appear in court at a later date. A Police spokesman told the British press: “Anyone seen by an officer openly smoking cannabis in Hyde Park or in the Westminster area could be issued with a warning or face arrest.”