Shannon Sharpe Calls Browns’ Josh Gordon A “Marijuana Junkie”

According to Shannon Sharpe, smoking weed is no different than sticking a needle in your arm or snorting a line up your nose. The former NFL tight end and current football commentator’s anti-marijuana views came to light during his appearance on ESPN’s First Take. Sharpe went on a rant about Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, who has been suspended for the season because he tested positive for marijuana, his second substance abuse offense in the NFL.

Now viewers can always expect host Skip Bayliss to spout holier-than-thou moral nonsense about how celebrity athletes should comport themselves. But given an ESPN poll of NFL players found a majority of them don’t see pot as dangerous as alcohol, Sharpe needs to lighten up. Or maybe, light up and take a chill.

During his First Take appearance, Sharpe sounded worse than John Lithgow’s dance-hating preacher in “Foot Loose.” Here’s what he said:

“if you tell Josh Gordon he has a problem, there is a good chance he is going to stop the bus he wont admit he has a problem…He is a junkie. When we call people junkies we think of meth, heroin, cocaine. Josh Gordon is a marijuana junkie. Simple. That is what he is. He can’t stop. He can’t help himself…That is what an addict does. He was willing to suffer the consequences over the reward. He just said I don’t care.”

Or maybe the NFL’s drug policy is out of touch with modern society given that the two teams (including the Denver Broncos, whom Sharpe played for) that made it to the Super Bowl are from Washington and Colorado, the two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Even the New York Times has called on teh federal government to end pot prohibition.

Not in Sharpe’s mind. For him, anyone who takes a toke apparently needs an intervention.