Seattle City Attorney Tosses Marijuana Citations Handed Out By Rogue Cop

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes voided nearly 90 marijuana citations this week.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes voided nearly 90 marijuana citations this week.

Randy Jokela deserves to get canned from the Seattle Police Department for all the man hours he wasted writing tickets to people he accused of publicly smoking marijuana. Earlier this week, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes announced the city was tearing up nearly 90 tickets following an investigation that found Jokela was responsible for writing most of them as part of his one-man protest against Washington’s marijuana legalization laws.

Holmes cited concerns that the police officer unfairly and arbitrarily targeted the homeless and African-Americans. Jokela was so brazen he added a note to one of the tickets stating he had flipped a coin to pick who he was going to write a ticket. He’s been reassigned pending an internal affairs probe. But considering all the time and taxpayer dollars Rokela wasted writing tickets, not to mention the hours wasted on the investigation into his tactics, Jokela deserves to be dismissed.

“The police do not write the laws. They enforce the laws,” Holmes told reporters. “You can’t be a legislator out on the street.”

Seattle has decriminalized simple marijuana possession, and the state of Washington permits both recreational and medical marijuana consumption and possession. Public consumption, however, remains illegal.

Holmes, who backed the campaigns to decriminalize and then legalize marijuana, said Jokela’s seemingly arbitrary approach to writing tickets was “abhorrent.” He said social justice requires the law be applied evenly, and on Monday announced a new police policy aimed at educating users first before issuing them a ticket.