Minnesota Mom Faces Jail Time For Giving Son Cannabis Oil

Trey and Angela Brown.

Trey and Angela Brown.

Taking a stand against prosecutors who want her to admit she did wrong, a Minnesota mom who gave her teenage son cannabis to treat a severe brain injury refused a plea deal that would have avoided jail time.

“I didn’t give my son back alley pot. I gave him controlled medicinal cannabis,” Brown told a local TV station. “I want them to have compassion for a mother that was just trying to save her child.”

Brown is charged with two gross misdemeanors: endangering a child — permitting to be present when possessing a controlled substance and contribute to the need for child protection. She faces a possible two-year prison sentence if she is found guilty at trial. Brown administered the cannabis oil before Minnesota passed a medical marijuana law that goes into effect in 2015. Brown’s defense attorney Michael Hughes insisted she is not guilty of child endangerment and would not offer a plea as part of a settlement offer.

Her 15-year-old son Trey has a traumatic brain injury who tried prescription medications before turning to marijuana. She claims Trey was in so much pain and discomfort that he cried himself to sleep and started punching and cutting himself. Determined to ease his pain, Brown traveled to Colorado where she purchased the cannabis oil. The results were amazing, she said. “Once it hit his system, Trey said the pressure in his brain was relieved,” Brown told the Huffington Post. “You could literally see the muscle spasms stopping. He felt amazing.”

Unfortunately, Brown told someone about giving Trey cannabis oil and that indivdiual reported her to the cops.