Larry King, Conan, and Andy Consume Edibles On Air

In a further sign of the ever-evolving cannabis landscape, Larry King partook in a pot brownie on his latest appearance on CONAN.  While the show has always joked about marijuana, it has never gone so far as to actually consume it on the air.

It started with King and Conan sharing pot stories about their mutual friendship with Snoop Dogg.  If you are going to chill with Snoop, you are going to pick up a contact high.  King revealed that he enjoyed smoking marijuana back in the day but that he was afraid to smoke it today for the fear of relapsing into a nasty 3 pack a day cigarette habit that contributed to a heart attack.  After taking shots at King’s old age referring to marijuana in his time being called “jazz cigarettes,” “wacky tabacky,” and “cuckoo dust,” Conan suggested pot brownies as a safer alternative.