Florida Man Busted With Marijuana Covering His Face And Car

Benjamin Nutter

Benjamin Nutter

Give Benjamin Nutter some credit. The 26-year-old Florida man tried his best convince 911 dispatchers in Volusia County that there was no need to pull him over despite his suspicious behavior. Early Tuesday morning, deputies tried to stop Nutter after flagging him for driving with no tag light.

He ignored them for more than two miles, including a slow roll throw a shopping plaza parking lot. Deputies claim they saw Nutter reach into a cup in his car and dumping something out, according to a local TV news report. That’s when dispatchers got a frantic call from the suspect.

“My hands are on the wheel, sir, I have not done anything wrong,” Nutter screamed to a 911 dispatcher as he was being stopped by deputies. When they finally caught up to him, the deputies said marijuana was all over Nutter’s face and his car. Deputies charged him with making a false call to 911, possession of marijuana, and fleeing and eluding early Tuesday morning.

Nutter, who has three previous arrests including for marijuana possession, has since bonded out of the Volusia County Jail.