Weed 3 Is A “Marijuana Informercial,” Says Drug Free America

Sanjay Gupta’s cannabis crusade is really starting to irk the Drug Free America Foundation. After CNN aired Gupta’s Weed 3 documentary last night, the foundation quickly issued a rebuttal. In a press release, the Tampa,Fl-based anti-marijuana group claimed Weed 3 blurs the lines between legitimate research and propaganda. Drug Free America asked, “Legitimate Scientific Research or an Infomercial to Legalize Marijuana?”

If that’s the case, where do we provide our credit card number?

As usual, Drug Free America trotted out its medical expert, Dr. Eric Voth, to counter Gupta’s argument that cannabis is good for the health. Voth also lobbies that research on the potential benefits of marijuana is taking place today without the rescheduling of the drug.

“Two things about the documentary that really upset me as a medical professional are that Sanjay Gupta had a chance to drive home the point that because research is underway on the potential benefits of components in marijuana,” Voth said. “There is no need to legalize it through referenda where dosages can’t be controlled and various strains can’t be cloned. Nor is it necessary to reschedule the drug.”

The Drug Free America’s deputy director Amy Ronshausen accused Gupta of failed to acknowledge problems Colorado and California allegedly experienced since marijuana has been legalized in those states. Of course, she resorted to the usual drug scare tactics of the past to make her point.

“This show failed to cover Colorado’s increases in drugged driving fatalities and emergency room visits because of marijuana use,” Ronhausen said. “Nor did the show discuss the alarming trend surrounding high potency marijuana edibles sold as ‘medicine’ and marketed to be appealing to youth.”