Denver Company Launches Marijuana Edibles Vending Machine

Stephen Shearin's company developed The ZaZZZ, a marijuana edibles vending machine,

Stephen Shearin’s company developed The ZaZZZ, a marijuana edibles vending machine,

You won’t find a regular bag of Doritos or a Snickers bar inside the new vending machine at Doctor’s Orders, a medical marijuana dispensary in Denver. Instead, the ZaZZZ is stocked with Mountain High Suckers, Incredibles Monkey Bars, and other marijuana edible sweet treats.

Stephen Shearin, president of American Green Technology, says his company’s marijuana edibles vending machine provides convenience for dispensary patients who are in a rush or when the budtenders are busy helping other customers.

“We think this is like the self-service line at the grocery store,” Shearin told local station Fox 31. “Our hope is that in time we will be able to sell flower marijuana bags in the machines as well.”

The marijuana edibles vending machine only dispenses the treats after buyers slide their driver’s license verifying they over 18 and slide their medical marijuana cards. The ZaZZZ only accepts cash and Bitcoins. Until the federal government allows marijuana-related companies to freely deposit monies into bank accounts, the marijuana edibles vending machine cannot accept credit cards.

During a demonstration for another television station, Shearin explained the ZaZZZ is equipped with software that looks up department of motor vehicles records and a national database to make sure the identification provided is not fake. Because of Colorado’s marijuana regulations, the marijuana edibles vending machine is only available in medical dispensaries. You cannot find one in recreational pot shops.