Charlo Greene, Reporter Who Quit On Air For Weed, Reveals More In Hot 97 Interview

Earlier this week, an Alaska television-reporter-turned-marijuana-dealer went viral after her shocking resignation while she was live. As she reported on about the Alaska Cannabis Club for Anchorage’s KTVA CBS 11, Carlo Greene disclosed she is actually the club’s owner. After delivering a brief monologue explaining she would be devoting all her energies to legalizing marijuana, Greene lowered the boom: “Fuck it, I quit” and walked off stage. All that was missing was a dropped mike.

Of course, KTVA claims she was technically fired for her antics, but give Greene credit for burning her broadcasting career in the most epic way possible. Greene recently did an interview with New York City’s Hot 97, explaining that she definitely planned her on-the-air resignation, but that the F-bomb was spontaneous.

“When you decided to curse on air, let’s call a spade a spade, that was the troll,” one of the Hot 97 hosts asked her. “You new you would get tons of press more so than if you queitly resigned am I right?

“Oh yeah,” Greene says. “The plan was stepping out big…The F part wasn’t planned…No one knew it was happening. I didn’t know it was happening until the moment it came out of my mouth.”

Greene insisted her motives are altruistic, noting that Alaskan patients “go to back alleys” to get their medical marijuana because the state has never implemented a dispensary system even though Alaskans approved use of pot for medicine in 1998.