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Army Helicopter Removes Marijuana Plant Field On Mountain

A Colorado marijuana plant field discovered in a remote, mountainous part of South St. Vrain Canyon prompted law enforcement officials to call in a military vehicle typically used to transport soldiers into the heart of battle. Citing the “very, very steep” location, authorities in Boulder County used a Black Hawk Army helicopter to remove 400 […]

Marijuana Activist Robert Platshorn Is Free From The Man

Robert Platshorn, a 71-year-old pot activist who served the longest prison sentence for marijuana trafficking, can finally spark up again. Yesterday, Platshorn announced on his Facebook page that Uncle Sam was finally cutting him loose. The feds released him from parole six years after Platshorn walked out of a federal pen. He spent 28 years […]

Florida Couple Who Championed Medical Marijuana Bill Form New Company

A medical marijuana nonprofit group founded by a couple who led efforts to pass a Florida law legalizing a non-psychoactive form of medicinal pot are partnering with a Colorado-based outfit specializing in non-euphoric cannabis treatments. Caring 4 Florida, founded by Peyton and Holly Moseley, has merged with Realm of Caring. The new company, Realm of […]

Virginia Cops Raid Saddest Looking Marijuana Grow House

Judging from the photographs provided by deputies in Tazwell County, Va., Roger Lee Sparks operated the saddest looking marijuana grow house ever. The cops claim the 38-year-old Richlands resident had 115 plants with a street value of $350,000. That is a generous estimate considering the images show the plants had still in a vegetative state. […]

Shannon Sharpe Calls Browns’ Josh Gordon A “Marijuana Junkie”

According to Shannon Sharpe, smoking weed is no different than sticking a needle in your arm or snorting a line up your nose. The former NFL tight end and current football commentator’s anti-marijuana views came to light during his appearance on ESPN’s First Take. Sharpe went on a rant about Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh […]

Federal Government Increasing Its Marijuana Research

Did you know the U.S. federal government grows its own marijuana? And did you know Uncle Sam is increasing its crop production? It’s all in the name of marijuana research, of course. According to the Huffington Post, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which oversees the federal government’s marijuana growing operation, is upping production because […]

Denver Company Launches Marijuana Edibles Vending Machine

You won’t find a regular bag of Doritos or a Snickers bar inside the new vending machine at Doctor’s Orders, a medical marijuana dispensary in Denver. Instead, the ZaZZZ is stocked with Mountain High Suckers, Incredibles Monkey Bars, and other marijuana edible sweet treats. Stephen Shearin, president of American Green Technology, says his company’s marijuana […]

Anti-Marijuana Warrior Carolyn Short Demonizes Pot Political Contributions

You can always count on a drug war zealot to say something dumb when addressing marijuana legalization questions. Carolyn Short, a retired lawyer who chairs the Arizona-based Keep AZ Drug Free and opposed marijuana legalization efforts in that state, recently bemoaned the infiltration of pot-related businesses in political campaign fundraising. “I don’t think money from illegal activities, […]

Uruguayans Can Now Grow Their Own Marijuana

Uruguay keeps taking measures to become the country at the forefront of marijuana legalization, but it’s progressive stance may be short-lived. On Wednesday, the government started allowing residents who want to grow their own marijuana at home to register to do so. Of course, in limited amounts. In May, a law went into effect that […]

NFL Players Don’t Believe Marijuana Is Dangerous

One day the National Football League may actually stop punishing players for sparking up. Given that a majority of NFL ballers believe marijuana is not as dangerous of alcohol, per an ESPN players poll, it’s time for the league to accelerate that change. Following the unfair treatment of Cleveland Browns wide reciever Josh Gordon, who […]