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Peyton Manning Credits Colorado Pot Laws For Pizza Sales

Peyton Manning may not be down with marijuana dispensaries naming strains after him, but the Denver Broncos quarterback is just fine with pot helping the bottom line of the 21 Papa John’s pizza chains he owns in Colorado. In a puff piece Q&A session with Sports Illustrated‘s MMWB, Manning says Colorado’s open marijuana laws without […]

New York Senator Wants To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

If Liz Krueger gets her way, New York City cops won’t be able to arrest minorities, anyone for that matter, for marijuana possession after 2015. The New York state senator plans to reintroduce the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act during the next legislative session, which begins in January, according to the Huffington Post. Krueger’s bill […]

Feds Bust Hasidic Jews Looking To Score 50 Pounds of Marijuana

Oy Vey! The FBI ruined a plan by a trio of Hasidic Jews to corner the kosher kush market in Brooklyn. Last week, Boruch “Barry” Rapoport, 47, Moshe “Mony” Horenshtein, 27, and Menachem Jacobson, 30, tried to buy 50 pounds of marijuana from an undercover special agent posing as a Texas drug dealer. According to […]

Florida Man Busted With Marijuana Covering His Face And Car

Give Benjamin Nutter some credit. The 26-year-old Florida man tried his best convince 911 dispatchers in Volusia County that there was no need to pull him over despite his suspicious behavior. Early Tuesday morning, deputies tried to stop Nutter after flagging him for driving with no tag light. He ignored them for more than two […]

Employers Are Not Down With Workers Using Medical Marijuana

The New York Times reports that sick and disabled workers still run the risk of losing their jobs if they use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Citing ancedotal evidence and opinions from employment experts, the Times found that marijuana users remain persona non grata in most places of employment, even in Colorado and Washington, the two […]

4TT’s “Blaze To The Future” Explores Marijuana Time Travel

When Jeff invites Mikey over to his apartment for a smoke session, the two buds find themselves testing out the time traveling powers of great ganja. That’s the premise behind “Blaze to the Future,” a short parody that takes inspiration from the “Back to the Future” film series. It’s produced by 4TT, short for 4TwentyToday, […]

Painkiller Companies Fund Anti-Marijuana Academics

“Quid pro quo. Yes or no?” – Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs In news that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, leading researchers who have come out against legalizing pot are taking payola from pharmaceutical drug makers. VICE reports that many anti-marijuana academics get paid by companies that manufacture products that could easily […]

Thousands Gather To Say Good Bye To Marijuana Champ Joan Rivers

Today, hundreds of friends and relatives gathered to say their last goodbye to comedian Joan Rivers, who died Sept. 4 at 81. Known for her fashion-savvy and sensational personality, she was also one of Hollywood’s biggest supporters for marijuana. Many remember Rivers hitting the bong and a glass pipe in a 2012 episode of her […]