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Georgia Cops Mistake Okra For Marijuana

It appears deputies from the Bartow County Police Department in Georgia need to take a basic marijuana course so they can learn the difference between cannabis and vegetable plants. Last week, vegetable gardener Dwayne Perry was awoken by the whirring of a police helicopter and K-9 handling cops banging on his door. “I was scared […]

Northern Indiana Flooded With High-Grade Marijuana

Marijuana users in northern Indiana are feeling a bit higher these days. The South Bend Tribune reports black market dealers are importing high-grade marijuana from Colorado and Washington, the two states that legalized recreational pot. The demand for great ganja has led to a spike in prices with an ounce fetching as much as $800, […]

Minnesota Mom Faces Jail Time For Giving Son Cannabis Oil

Taking a stand against prosecutors who want her to admit she did wrong, a Minnesota mom who gave her teenage son cannabis to treat a severe brain injury refused a plea deal that would have avoided jail time. “I didn’t give my son back alley pot. I gave him controlled medicinal cannabis,” Brown told a […]

Northern California Marijuana Growers Threat To Coho Salmon

Pot Farmers are a danger to the coho salmon population in northern California and southern Oregon, officials from the NOAA Fisheries Service claim. In a report on how to save the coho salmon from extinction, federal biologists found that northern California marijuana growers are siphoning off too much water from creeks where young fish struggle […]

Drug Free Florida Group Airs Misleading Ad About Medical Marijuana

With the big bucks of Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson backing them financially, opponents of the medical marijuana amendment on Florida’s November ballot are resorting to disengenous propganda tactics to defeat the popular measure. On Monday, the Drug Free Florida political action committee took to the air waves with a $1.5 million TV ad […]

Lameduck Attorney General Eric Holder Questions Marijuana’s Legal Classification

Eric Holder, who recently announced he is stepping down as U.S. Attorney General, gave his strongest statements regarding marijuana prohibition during an interview with Yahoo News’s Katie Couric on Tuesday. He said it’s time to reconsider marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, the most restrictive classification the federal government places on narcotics. To provide perspective, […]

Illinois Inundated With Medical Marijuana License Applications

On Monday, ganjapreneurs of every stripe descended on the Thompson Center, a state government building that was the drop off point for the final day to apply for medical marijuana licenses under the state’s pilot program. The cast of characters who submitted applications included “everyone from Cheech & Chong types to hedge fund guys” said […]

Charlo Greene, Reporter Who Quit On Air For Weed, Reveals More In Hot 97 Interview

Earlier this week, an Alaska television-reporter-turned-marijuana-dealer went viral after her shocking resignation while she was live. As she reported on about the Alaska Cannabis Club for Anchorage’s KTVA CBS 11, Carlo Greene disclosed she is actually the club’s owner. After delivering a brief monologue explaining she would be devoting all her energies to legalizing marijuana, […]

Waka Flocka Flame Hires Seth Rogen To Roll Blunts

Our dreams of twisting fat L’s for Wacka Flocka Flame were quickly extinguished when the rapper ended his search for a professional blunt roller recently. After putting out a job listing on his Instagram account offering a salary of $50,000 a year, Waka hired actor Seth Rogen, whose rolling skills came with a ready made […]