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Julian Marley cannabis brand inks distribution, cultivation deals

Julian Marley’s cannabis products will soon hit dispensary shelves in the Golden State and the Great White North. JuJu Royal completed two separate deals to distribute and manufacture its ganja in southern California and Canada. Founded by the international reggae star, Juju Royal produces four strains called Lion’s Domain, Jungle Cheese, Juju O.G. and Heavenly Heights. […]

Florida Army Vet With PTSD Fights Marijuana Charges

Mathew Young fought for his country in Iraq, losing some of close friends and returned home a shattered shell of his former self. Now The Florida Army vet is latest victim in the war against marijuana. Cops arrested Young in November on trafficking, possession and manufacturing marijuana charges. During interviews with local TV stations, Young […]

As Stoners Celebrate 4/20, Cops Ease Up On Cannabis Arrests

As stoners from around the world descended on Colorado to celebrate the unofficial marijuana holiday, 4/20, cops are acting totally chill. At the annual 4/20 Rally at Civic Center Park on Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of tokers gathered for one of the biggest public smoke sessions of the year. The Denver Police Department did its […]

Weed 3 Is A “Marijuana Informercial,” Says Drug Free America

Sanjay Gupta’s cannabis crusade is really starting to irk the Drug Free America Foundation. After CNN aired Gupta’s Weed 3 documentary last night, the foundation quickly issued a rebuttal. In a press release, the Tampa,Fl-based anti-marijuana group claimed Weed 3 blurs the lines between legitimate research and propaganda. Drug Free America asked, “Legitimate Scientific Research […]

Italian Army To Grow Marijuana To Combat Black Market

Mama mia! In a drastic move to curtail medicinal marijuana users from buying pot in the black market, Italy plans to use its military to grow weed for the sick masses. The Italian government has already set up a high-security compound in Florence to grow cannabis for the national healthcare system in the face of […]

Study: Marijuana May Lead To Less Brain Deaths

Given the alarming number of professional football players who are suffering from massive brain injuries, the National Football League needs to read up on a recent study by researchers at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California. Dr. David Plurad, one of the study’s authors, tells Reuters that the death rate after traumatic brain injury […]

Adrian Peterson Could Face Week In Jail For Marijuana Admission

Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, already facing child abuse charges in Montgomery County, Texas, will get no sympathy for admitting he toked prior to submitting to a drug test. The USA Today reports that Kelly Case, the judge presiding over Peterson’s case, publicly admitted to sending people who test positive in their first court-administered drug exams […]