Adrian Peterson Could Face Week In Jail For Marijuana Admission

Adrian Peterson might go to jail for marijuana admission.

Adrian Peterson might go to jail for marijuana admission.

Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, already facing child abuse charges in Montgomery County, Texas, will get no sympathy for admitting he toked prior to submitting to a drug test. The USA Today reports that Kelly Case, the judge presiding over Peterson’s case, publicly admitted to sending people who test positive in their first court-administered drug exams to week long stint in the slammer.

Petersen confessed last week to smoking “a little weed” right before he submitted to a drug screen as part of his bail conditions. His test results have not been made public but prosecutors want Peterson arrested and his $15,000 bond revoked by Case. The video clip below, at the 28:19 mark, shows Case delivering his scared straight approach to an audience at a Texas Patriots gathering last year:

“On a first positive test, I give everybody one chance,” Case said. “I’ll stick them in jail for one week, and then I’ll pull them back out. I’ll reinstate their bond, and I’ll tell them on the record, `If you do this again and you don’t follow my rules, we’ll ask the (district attorney) to set a no-bond hearing, and we will hold you in jail.'”

However, district attorney Brett Ligon is beefing with Case, which works in Peterson’s favor. Ligon wants Case removed from the Peterson case because of comments Case made in advance of Peterson’s court appearance, as well as several disagreements and run-ins Ligon’s office has had with the judge, USA Today reported.

Peterson’s attorney says his client’s bond status won’t be ruled on until the judge issue is resolved. The Vikings’ star running back remains free while awaiting trial on a felony charge of injuring his 4-year-old son.